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A Happiness Project

Apply before September 14 | Open to all UWaterloo students

Velocity Foundations: A Happiness Project.

Velocity Foundations is a great way to learn about important issues while building an innovative mindset. Over 10-weeks we will explore a big societal challenge and provide expert guidance and innovative tools to find insights and solutions that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Fall 2023 challenge

It’s no secret that mental health has declined in the past few years. In fact, in 2021, over one third of students say they experienced poor mental health. This fall, students in Foundations will take a deep dive into student mental health and well-being. Together we will,

  • Speak with students, health specialists and other stakeholders to learn about a problem first-hand
  • Find out what psychology researchers have reported through their studies
  • Connect the dots to find the root causes and; 
  • Find a better way to solve the problem
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