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Cobionix cofounder working on their robotic solution for health tech workers

Velocity health

Through Velocity health, founders are supported at every stage of their health startup journey.

• Research & Product Development with access to a growing network of clinical trial partners and assistance in clinical design, regulatory support and funding

• Growing and funding your start-up through dedicated mentorship from experienced HealthTech founders and access to a global network of investors

• Building health technologies at scale through access to world class labs and workshops where you can connect and learn from a community of successful HealthTech entrepreneurs


Together through the Southwestern Ontario Health Innovation Partnership we are focused on the creation and growth of health startups in Southern Ontario. Velocity, WesternU and MIX are working together to provide health innovators with access to critical infrastructure, lab equipment, startup/scaleup support services, funding, and connections to healthcare clinicians and workers.

• A connected community of health companies and partners

• A coordinated network of shared accessible labs

• A hub for Ontario’s growing health supply chain