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Transform the way you tackle challenges 

Velocity Foundations: Art in the age of AI

Velocity Foundations is a great way to learn about important issues while building an innovative mindset. Over 9 weeks we will explore a big societal challenge and provide expert guidance and innovative tools to find insights and solutions that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Winter 2024 challenge

It’s no secret that AI has been changing and enhancing the nature of work across different industries, but what about creative industries? Artists, designers, and musicians want AI art to be regulated, while technology companies insist on fair use. This winter, students in Foundations will dive into the many aspects of generative AI, art, and opportunities for innovation.

Together we will,

  • Speak with students, researchers, and other stakeholders to learn about a problem first-hand
  • Find out how artists, legal experts, and industry views the problem
  • Connect the dots to find the root causes and;
  • Find a better way to solve the problem

Interested in joining Velocity’s Foundations program?

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Applications will open in early January

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Test Your Assumptions, Gain Insights 

Foundations unites you with students who are committed to addressing a major societal issue while equipping you with advanced skills, tools, and direct access to expert guidance.  

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” – Bill Nye 

Knowing how to problem-solve effectively has many positives like helping you make better decisions, increasing your confidence, improving your critical thinking skills, enhancing your creativity and innovation, helping you manage obstacles and setbacks, and lead to greater success and satisfaction. Plus, problem-solving skills are highly valued in the job market.  

How it works

Foundations is an 10-week program consisting of weekly 2-hour group sessions, and opportunities to check-in with a Velocity team member experienced in problem analysis.  

Weekly Group Sessions  

The program aims to enhance your knowledge and expertise in a particular problem domain by actively engaging you in research and skill-building activities.  

Experienced Guest Speakers   

The program features guest speakers who bring experience and insight to the related topic. As well, a subject matter expert (SME) will be available to answer questions.   

Access Indispensable Coaching  

During the program you can regularly meet with a Velocity coach who has expertise in problem analysis and available to assist with other areas of interest.  

Eligibility & Requirements

If you are interested in meeting new people, adding new skills to your toolbox, and developing an innovative mindset by examining the topic of mental health and wellbeing, this is for you. This is not academic research!   

To participate you must be:

  • A current student at the University of Waterloo   
  • Have an interest in the topic for the semester (mental health and wellbeing)  
  • Prepared to commit to participating in scheduled sessions  
  • Have a curious mind and passion for learning  

If you have any questions about the program, eligibility, or want to discuss it further, contact the program manager.

1 Jones SE, Ethier KA, Hertz M, et al. Mental Health, Suicidality, and Connectedness Among High School Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic — Adolescent Behaviors and Experiences Survey, United States, January–June 2021. MMWR Suppl 2022;71(Suppl-3):16–21. DOI: