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  • A-Line Orthopaedics

    A-Line is developing safer, faster and less invasive implants for minimally-invasive spine surgery that improve patient outcomes and surgeon confidence.

  • Able Innovations

    Able's autonomous technology allows for safe, efficient, and dignified patient transfers ushering a new era of efficiency and independence.

  • Acerta

    A machine learning platform that detects anomalies in vehicle data to decrease manufacturing costs, and improve quality.

  • Acorn

    Cryopreserving people’s healthy young cells for use with future medical technologies.

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  • Agrisea

    Agrisea is the Ocean Agriculture company. Quite simply, we grow crops in the ocean.

  • AIRO Health

    A wearable nutrition tracker that actively monitors a user’s caloric intake.

  • Aiva Labs

    Aiva Labs is an AI-powered design solution that helps businesses 5x website engagement and conversion rates without coding.

  • Alchemy

    Protective film for windshields to prevent stone chips, block solar infrared heat, and prevent overnight frost.

  • Amina Health

    Allows users to track their nutrition levels with a single drop of blood and buy customized supplements based on what their bodies’ actually need.

  • ApplyBoard

    Helps international students apply to universities and colleges in North America through an all-in-one application platform.

  • Arylla

    Secure nano ink that combats fraud and improves top line revenue.

  • Audesse

    Aftermarket elimination of idling for public transit. We save fuel, maintenance costs, and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Avidbots

    Smart cleaning robots for autonomous commercial floor cleaning.

  • Avro Life Science

    Medicated stickers to deliver seasonal allergy medication to children.

  • Bajaar

    A platform for bazaars (local marketplaces) of emerging countries. BajaarApp helps buyers discover products, and merchants reach more customers easily.

  • Bartesian

    A modern mixology system that creates premium cocktails on demand.

  • Blitzen

    Helps SMB marketers convert website visitors into data-rich leads, and capture key customer insights.

  • Bookneto

    (Acquired by Canadian Innovation Centre, 2013). Bookneto is a Q&A tool built on top of Waterloo’s online learning platform (LEARN).

  • Borealis Wind

    A wind turbine de-icing system that is low maintenance and easy to install. 

  • BridesMade

    BridesMade is an online portal that allows bridesmaids to rent size-adjustable bridesmaid dresses that are shipped right to their doorsteps.

  • Bridgit

    A construction technology company

  • BufferBox

    (Acquired by Google, 2012). Automated self-serve kiosks for consumers to retrieve shipped parcels at their convenience.

  • Cardinote

    Maker of Tabophone, a guitar pick that writes music for you automatically.

  • Caribou

    A platform that connects people to the best support and treatment options globally.


    A platform for teachers with a suite of products for curriculum management, administrator insights, and collaboration.

  • Charity Republic

    Volunteer management software that provides effortless volunteer scheduling and tracking.

  • CharityCAN

    Software as a service to help charities quickly find, qualify and make connections with important donors.

  • ChefHero

    Helps you order everything for your kitchen in one convenient location.

  • Code Connect

    (Acquired by Microsoft, 2016). Code Connect for Visual Studio displays code as the computer will execute it, making complex software projects easier to understand.

  • Couple

    (Acquired by Life360, 2016). A relationship app that connects partners around the world.

  • Curiato

    Provides institutions with smart sensor systems to remotely monitor and manage patients at risk of developing pressure related injuries.

  • Demine Robotics

    A specialized robot that excavates and neutralizes landmines with limited human interaction.

  • DraftingSPACE

    (Acquired by BuildDirect, 2015). An automated floor plan generation tool for use in architecture, interior design, and home staging.

  • DropLab

    DropLab is building a microfluidics platform for automating a variety of laboratory procedures.

  • Elucid Labs

    An AI-powered hand-held device capable of real-time detection of skin conditions, disease, and cancer.


    An intelligence platform that enables water utilities to proactively manage their infrastructure in real-time.

  • Embark

    Self-driving vehicles that can save lives, reduce emissions, and free up billions of hours.

  • Encircle

    A platform for insurance carriers to improve productivity and transparency across the entire insurance ecosystem.

  • EnPowered

    Group buying for energy to help consumers control energy usage and costs.

  • Envoi

    Envoi offers retailers an infrastructure for same day delivery in order to meet consumer demand that is not currently fulfilled by traditional courier services.


    Helping employers improve retention, employee engagement and breaking corporate silos by curating/structured volunteer opportunities for employees.

  • Evercloak

    Our patented technology is an economical and energy efficient manufacturing process for continuous coating of single layer nanomaterials over large areas.

  • Expertise Finder

    A search engine to connect journalists with subject matter experts. 

  • ExVivo Labs

    Non-invasive allergy testing solutions for physicians, making the experience safe, simple and certain.

  • Faire

    Faire helps retailers discover and try thousands of unique items risk-free. 

  • Fiix

    On-demand service for automotive repairs.

  • Fora

    (Acquired by Andela, 2014). Provides digital educational content for organizations in Africa using course content developed by world leading experts.

  • Gamelynx

    Team-based competitive eSport games for the mobile generation.

  • Georgette Packaging

    Custom branded packaging for small businesses.

  • Glove Systems

    Modernizing Complex Fabrication. Glove Systems software uses advance 3D imaging algorithms to help pipe fitters do their job more easily and effectively.

  • Greenlight Essentials

    Software that helps entertainment professionals better understand film industry data.

  • Grobo

    A hydroponic grow box to easily grow high-quality food and medicine right at home, all year long.

  • Ground News

    Ground is the first AI-powered verified news platform.

  • H2nanO

    Harnessing solar energy to treat contaminated water quickly, effectively and at low cost.

  • Halion Displays

    Low-power outdoor visible display technology to enable the next generation of devices.

  • HealthIM

    Provides police with an intelligence driven system to prevent crisis and reduce risk when supporting persons with mental illness in the community.

  • HearthStats

    (Acquired by GAMURS, 2016). Statistical feedback to help improve gamers’ performance.

  • Hedgehog

    Redesigning the traditional disposable umbrella into a durable and long lasting product.

  • Hedgehog Medical

    Hedgehog Medical uses AI and computer vision to analyse ultrasound data to assist in quicker diagnosis and triage of patients.

  • HelpWear

    A 24/7 wearable heart monitoring system that detects when the user suffers a heart attack and contacts emergency services.


    A locally relevant education platform designed for African schools.

  • Hive

    Helping brands build, engage, and monetize their online audience.

  • Hodlbot

    Index fund for cryptocurrencies, they provide the recommendations to create the index fund but do not trade themselves or on behalf of their user.


    The world’s smallest, simplest and most affordable Atomic Force Microscope.

  • Innovative Protein Technologies

    A food-safe crop protection solution for farmers to protect against devastating frosts and ensure crop yields.

  • Jingu Apps

    (Acquired by Rebellion Media, 2012). Social apps that make any mobile chat experience more fun.

  • Joya Travel (Tugolo)

    Joya Travel enables authentic, unique, and culture-rich travel experiences.

  • Junip

    Simple & powerful review management for eCommerce brands.

  • Kaizena

    A platform that allows educators to give high-quality feedback, and identify student abilities beyond test scores.

  • Kik

    An instant messaging app with over 300 million registered users that lets users connect with friends, and chat-based services.

  • Kira Talent

    A platform that allows higher education admissions teams to add interactive videos and written components into admissions applications.

  • Kitematic

    (Acquired by Docker, 2015). Runs containers through a simple, yet powerful graphical user interface.

  • Labforge

    A network of low energy sensors that use AI to track objects and their movements for perimeter security.

  • LabsCubed

    Enabling companies to create new and innovative materials through enhanced testing methods.

  • Level

    A cloud-based collaboration platform to help residential contractors better manage communication with their co-workers and clients.

  • Life Sciences Key Technologies (LSK)

    LSK brings decentralized diagnostic capacity to the point of need, globally.

  • Lightbot

    Apps that teach kids to code through games.

  • Linkett

    Provides live audience data for digital out of home advertising.

  • Load Army

    A mobile app that makes it easy for contractors to order dump truck services.

  • Lumotune

    Transparent digital displays that look just like glass.

  • MAJiK Systems

    Real-time monitoring and analytics that help manufacturers optimize production.

  • Maluuba

    (Acquired by Microsoft, 2017). Teaching machines to think, reason and communicate.

  • Maple Precision

    Maple Precision includes a team of engineers inspired by spatial data. Their product, EQUATOR, is mapping software that makes it easy for anyone to create custom, standout maps in minutes.

  • Mappedin

    Dynamic wayfinding for the indoors.

  • Marlena Books

    Therapeutic recreation products for individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

  • Medly Labs

    A music making app to create songs and share them with people around the world.

  • Membio

    Membio is developing the first truly scalable biological manufacturing platform.

  • MetricWire

    A mobile platform that helps organizations harness insights, analytics, and deeper audience connections in real-time.

  • Mirage VR

    Bringing imagination into reality with a full-body tracking virtual reality experience.

  • Monogram (formerly Palette)

    Monogram is a modular hardware device that provides creators with personalized control of any software.

  • Moocow Unicycles

    Building durable and lightweight unicycles to optimize performance.

  • NanoCnet

    Nanomaterials to enable the creation of flexible, transparent electrodes.

  • NanoPhyll

    Smart coatings that are engineered to respond to the local environment.

  • NanoQuan Inc.

    Manufactures advanced, high-performance nano composite materials.

  • NERv

    An implantable biochip platform to detect post-operative complications.

  • Nicoya

    Personal surface plasmon resonance (SPR) instruments designed for the individual researcher at the comfort of their own bench.

  • North (Formerly Thalmic Labs)

    Maker of Focals. Smart glasses that put fashion first.

  • Oneset

    A community app that shares workout ideas through 15 second videos.

  • OpenPhone

    OpenPhone adds a second phone number to your existing mobile device along with powerful features to help your small business communicate better.

  • OSIMple

    A mobile-first tool to assist bridge inspectors with their on-site inspections. (Also Known as BigBridge Technologies Inc.)

  • Ourotech

    Personalized cancer treatments through measuring drug resistance ex vivo.

  • Palitronica

    Palitronica provides cybersecurity and mission assurance for electronic control systems from part integrity to runtime protection.

  • PASS Kit

    A first aid kit for mental health to decrease stress in individuals, and stigma in communities.

  • PaveAI

    Google Analytics Simplified. PaveAI customizes analytics to your needs and emails you actionable reports from your data.

  • Pebble

    (Acquired by Fitbit, 2016). Smartwatches people love.

  • Pegasus Aeronautics

    High endurance aerial platforms to extend drone flight times.

  • Penta Medical

    A wearable therapeutic system to speed the recovery of injuries and chronic conditions.

  • PiinPoint

    A site selection platform that helps business owners discover, compare, and validate locations for expansion.

  • Pinpress

    Shape changing technology that reduces manufacturer downtime, consumption, and labor costs.

  • Pitstop

    A cloud-based diagnostic platform for automotive vehicles.

  • Playticipate

    Helping parents find local kids activities.

  • Pout

    (Acquired by Everalbum, 2016). A community for fashion, beauty, and inspiration.

  • ProNavigator

    A B2B company with an AI-powered assistant built for insurance. From getting quotes to asking questions, insurance is as easy as chatting!

  • Prospect

    Allows sales teams to accurately target B2B leads.

  • Pulse Industrial

    Pulse Industrial creates sensors that enable a system-wide view of common valves in industrial plants to predict and alert failures.

  • PumpUp

    A health and fitness app that provides personal coaching, workouts and a supportive community.

  • Qidni Labs

    Artificial kidneys for patients with kidney failure.

  • Rebel Hippo

    Indie game studio.

  • Reebee

    An app for shoppers to browse flyers, create lists and search for products.

  • Salient Energy

    Cheaper, safer, and longer-lasting batteries for the grid.

  • SannTek

    Developing a handheld breathalyzer that enables the detection of recent-use cannabis using nanotechnology. 

  • Serenity Bioworks

    Medicine formulas that improve the safety and long-term effectiveness of anti-inflammatory medication.

  • Sesame

    A platform for teachers that provides a living, visual record of student competencies.

  • Signal

    Signal is a platform for cryptocurrency signal groups.

  • Singspiel

    An app that helps you learn to play piano with the songs you love.

  • Sitata

    Keeps you safe when you travel through real-time health & safety information and by connecting you to trusted support when you need help.

  • Site2Site

    A mobile application to automate constructions job sites.

  • SiteVue

    A software platform that allows construction managers to capture, organize, and share moments on site with their entire project team.

  • Smarter Alloys

    Makes shape memory materials smarter smarter, lighter, and more reliable.

  • Sortable

    Automated ad operations, built by publishers for publishers to make ads suck less.

  • Sparkgig

    An online marketplace for local musical performers to connect with event opportunities.

  • Stacktronic

    A modular battery for industrial vehicles that connect like LEGO bricks to make battery packs of any shape, size, and capacity.

  • Suncayr

    A smart wearable patch that changes colour to indicate when sunscreen has worn off, helping sunscreen users safely enjoy the sun.


    SUPERVISA is a visa and immigration software that's making applications simple, affordable, and fast.

  • Tabnex

    An artificial intelligence platform that provides integrated intelligence on candidates to decrease the costs of hiring, and improve the quality of talent pipeline.

  • TallyFi

    A simple handheld people-counting solution that provides a live online dashboard with insightful analytics.

  • Telica

    Telica develops microbial products to promote plant health using microbiology, genomics, and artificial intelligence.

  • Terrene

    Terrene is a business insights tool which allows anyone to build and deploy machine learning models in as little as 30 seconds.

  • Theraphage

    A novel platform for the universal treatment of solid tumours that is targeted, resilient to resistance, and curative.

  • TicketFi

    A simple yet powerful ticketing platform.

  • Tinker

    Technology that builds trading algorithms for a variety of digital assets like Bitcoin.

  • Trajekt Sports

    Trajekt Sports is revolutionizing athlete performance. Our baseball pitching robot can exactly replicate any pitch imaginable.

  • TrendRadius

    (Acquired by Intelex, 2015). Customer feedback analytics for product managers.

  • TritonWear

    High performance wearable tech for competitive swimmers.

  • Ubiq

    Simplifying the AV setup of conference rooms by making it wireless.

  • UHWK

    A durable helmet-mounted HD video camera for athletes.

  • UpGrain

    Maximizing productivity of seeds through exposure to electromagnetic fields.

  • Vena Medical

    Vena Medical is creating a forward viewing imaging microcatheter that allows physicians to see inside patient blood vessels.

  • Vertical

    Custom augmented reality experiences for any device.

  • Vidyard

    An online video platform for marketing and sales that provides video hosting, management, and analytics.

  • Voltera

    A desktop circuit board printer that helps build hardware faster.

  • Voyage Labs (formerly Medella Health)

    Medella Health develops novel sensors using machine learning to monitor health biomarkers for medical devices, ranging from smart contact lenses to point-of-care solutions. 

  • Watfly

    Watfly is working to fill the gap between surface transportation (these currently suck) and teleportation (is currently impossible) by enabling personal air travel.

  • Willow Cup

    Sustainable plant-based milk that is delicious and nutritious.

  • Wolf and Grizzly

    Wolf and Grizzly uses advanced product design and manufacturing to build outdoor products that enable people everywhere to find adventure wherever they are. Backyard to backcountry.

  • WorldVuze

    WorldVuze is a safe global discussion platform where K-12 students can share and explore perspectives with other students around the world.

  • Wriber

    A content optimization platform that helps you drive more traffic and customers to your website.

  • zpharm

    Innovative medicines for a variety of disease states.