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Spaces to connect, build and grow.

Our spaces

Velocity offers nearly 40,000 sq.ft of offices, product development, and events spaces designed to support founders and entrepreneurially-curious people.

Thanks to our  connection with the University of Waterloo, we are one of the very few places in Canada with dedicated resources for technical founders.

For full-time founders

Velocity incubator

Velocity Downtown

The Tannery

Located at the heart of Kitchener’s Innovation District, the Velocity offers early-stage founders space to build a company AND build a product.

Most of our startups would require millions of dollars in investment to operate without our facilities. Velocity founders also join a supportive community of other startups at various stages of growth, allowing them to share knowledge and network with peers.

Innovation Arena

Coming soon: Innovation Arena

Located in the City of Kitchener’s innovation district, the Innovation Arena will amplify Canada’s health tech sector.

In partnership with the City of Kitchener, and with Velocity – Waterloo’s renowned startup incubator – at its core, the new collaboration space will streamline commercialization pathways for businesses, fast-track delivery of health technologies and drive Canada’s next wave of economic growth.

For Waterloo students

Velocity Creator Spaces

Come find us  on the University of Waterloo campus. A place to explore, build and grow your big ideas. Meet like-minded individuals, work on your big ideas and join the Velocity community at one of our new student creator spaces.

Learn more about Creator Spaces

Velocity science

Visit us: ESC 232

Velocity Science welcomes student-teams and faculty-led teams who have a product idea with an element of biology, chemistry, or physics.

At our labs, you can validate the opportunities envisioned for your technology, from a business and technical perspective under the guidance of our mentors.

Velocity digital

Visit us: SCH 228 

Build your network and work with a community of like-minded students at Velocity Digital.

This 5G enabled hacking space provides access to build software, electronics, medical technologies and solutions of the future.

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Problem Lab HQ

Visit us in MC 2037

Explore your big ideas and solve big problems at Velocity Problem Lab HQ where like-minded students connect and get inspired to make a positive impact on the world.

Activate your potential through problem analysis and exploration and research.

Drop in anytime, Monday – Friday (9-5)

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