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Student creator spaces

A place to explore, build and grow your big ideas.

Visit our student creator spaces

Meet like-minded individuals, work on your big ideas and join the Velocity community at one of our new student creator spaces. 

• Workshops, hackathons, networking 

• One-on-one coaching 

• Grant funding 

• Spaces to build your ideas 

• Supports for every experience level

Velocity incubator

Velocity Science

ESC 319

Science-focused ideas have a unique home at Velocity Science, a collaboration between Velocity and the Faculty of Science. Students who require physical space to perform essential pilot studies, assemble prototypes, or hammer out their computational work have a place with their name on it in the Science Innovation Hub!  

Discover and build with us:

• Like-minded student community lab facilities 

• Access to instrumentation and consumables 

• Mentorship, technical advice and support

Velocity Digital

Coming soon: SCH 228

Unleash a new wave of software, electronic and medical technology ideas at Velocity Digital, a 5G enabled hacking space for students.

Get together and build with a like-minded network of students and have access to mentorship that can assist you with questions that you may have along the way.  

A place to build:

• Network with a like-minded student community  

• 5G enabled hacking space 

• Software, electronics, medical technologies 

Problem Lab HQ

MC 2037

Explore your big ideas and solve big problems at Problem Lab HQ where like-minded students connect and get inspired to make a positive impact on the world. Activate your potential through problem analysis and exploration and research.   

• Network with a like-minded student community 

• Make a positive impact 

• Problem analysis, exploration and research

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