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Marking Milestones: Celebrating Company Growth and Forging Founder Connections

Founders share valuable insights and emphasize the power of collaboration and learning 

The camaraderie among Velocity companies is strong. Founders from various stages recently united for an overdue evening of celebration and networking. It marked a long-awaited reunion for some, their first return to Velocity since 2021, and an opportunity to connect with new members.

Recognizing the significance of a robust network as a vital ingredient for success, the founders who recently launched their companies from Velocity exemplified the true spirit of Velocity. They generously shared valuable advice and insights with their fellow founders.

Ryan Marchewka, co-founder and CEO of HALION. The company recently launched out of Velocity to a new space in Guelph, Ont. The company is developing smart glass technology that can transform glass from a dark to light state at the push of a button.

Youssef Helwa, CEO of FluidAI. The company’s tech monitors patients’ post-operative health using AI and began its work at Velocity’s science space on the University of Waterloo campus.

Shane Kilpatrick, founder and CEO of Membio. The company started out on campus at Velocity science and has since pivoted to developing a benchtop device for gene and cell therapy.

Ayush Bhargava and Greg Fouzie, co-founders of CreatorCrew. The company launched out of Velocity this spring after a year at the incubator.

Tim Leshuk, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer at H2nan0. The company, which launched out of Velocity last year, is treating contaminated wastewater using photocatalysis, the process of using light to drive chemical reactions. It has operations in Kitchener and Alberta.

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