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Resources for Innovators and Stories for Innovators is presented by legendary Professor Larry Smith in partnership with Velocity and the Problem Lab. Professor Smith has built this content based off of teaching at UW for over 42 years. He is currently, Adjunct Associate Professor and Director of the Problem Lab.

The series of video and stories contribute to the understanding of the dynamics of society and the place you are in so that you can make your impact. 

This resource is presented through LEARN and you must register with Velocity to gain admission to the materials.

Please note: Resources for Innovators is in a beta test phase and content will be continually added to expand this library for your innovative learning. Will will provide an opportunity to share feedback on content so that we can modify and improve if needed.


Professor Larry Smith Biography:
In elementary school, Larry already knew he wanted to teach. By high school, he found himself fascinated with innovation, entrepreneurship and markets. Economics seemed to him to be the best choice to combine his interests. 

A student at the universities of Western Ontario and Guelph, Larry holds his BA and MA from the University of Waterloo, and an honorary degree from Conestoga College. Specializing in the economics of innovation and forecasting, he has worked with governments, financial institutions, professional associations and companies developing new markets or new products. 

An adjunct associate professor, Larry is the Founding Director of the Problem Lab, one of the few in the world devoted solely to finding and understanding important problems. He has happily taught ten percent of Waterloo’s alumni, and is a recipient of the University’s Distinguished Teacher Award.