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Game change: from developing games to startups

Student founder spotlight

A game developer for more than a decade, Josiah Plett, computer science student in University of Waterloo’s Faculty of Math, is making the leap to entrepreneur as he tackles the earliest stages of building not one, but two startups: Echo Notes and SheepIT, a future-self messaging platform and a herd management software for small sheep farmers, respectively. 

Juggling two startups, a part-time role at Rogers and full-time studies, he credits his motivation to supportive communities like BET 300 from Conrad, Velocity, Socratica and GreenHouse. He says he “wouldn’t change a thing” and wants to embrace opportunities.  
Focused on SheepIT’s development, Plett aims to simplify sheep farm management globally, envisioning a comprehensive solution that small farmers want.  “As we grow, we hope to eliminate the guessing-game of animal husbandry and farm-starting, by building the one-stop-shop solution for farmers around the world to learn about, start, manage and grow their first farm.” Simultaneously, he’s spearheading Echo Notes and eyeing potential accelerators for future growth.  

“Watching other founders grow their ideas has been an amazing experience and many of the conversations I’ve had with fellow founders have significantly shaped not only my outlook on entrepreneurship, but even the direction I am taking my startups. “ 

Josiah Plett, undergraduate student in computer science.

Despite his packed schedule, Josiah remains a perpetual learner. Top on his must-read list is Sam Altman’s Startup Playbook for aspiring founders.  
His continual motivation comes from those around him who are striving for positive change, he emphasizes the invaluable insights gained from fellow founders and Velocity’s environment.

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