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A better way to heal damaged muscle   

Evolved.Bio invents new method to regenerate muscle tissue

People who have experienced significant muscle damage have new hope thanks to Evolved.Bio, a startup that has developed innovative technology that can regenerate muscle tissue in a highly effective way.  

Velocity-based Evolved.Bio invents new method to regenerate skeletal muscle tissue, the largest tissue in human bodies responsible for producing movement.
Evolved.Bio co-founders Alireza Shahin, CEO, and John Capputticci

Other biotech companies use natural or synthetic materials along with cells to create in vitro-grown tissue replacements, building blocks that can be implanted into the human body. But a patient’s body might register these as foreign objects, leading to medical complications or interference with the body’s natural healing process. 

Evolved.Bio’s method for making in-vitro tissue circumvents that problem, increasing positive outcomes for patients. 

“We have a completely new technique allowing cells to recreate all of the components and structure of healthy tissue outside of the body, so when it is implanted, the building block has all the characteristics the body expects to see, and it can guide the patient’s cells to restore the tissue,” said Alireza Shahin, Co-founder and CEO of Evolved.Bio, a company based out of Velocity, University of Waterloo’s startup incubator.

While this novel technology can be used with any cell type and tissue, Evolved.Bio is focusing on muscle tissue for volumetric msucle loss — specifically skeletal muscle tissue, which is the largest tissue in human bodies responsible for producing movement.

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