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Sept 9 | Y-Combinator Application Prep Session

September 9 at Velocity (Tannery Location) Matrix room

11 am – 12:30 pm

Deadline to apply for the Winter 2023 Y-Combinator batch is 11 pm ET on Wednesday, September 12th. Next week Velocity will be hosting a session to help with your Y-Combinator Application Prep!

If you are applying to YC, please let us (Velocity) know by filling out this form (It will take max 2 minutes to fill-out). Please Note: You are required to fill-out the above form prior to attending the session.

Come prepared with a printed copy of your application and a list of questions you have. There are over 57 YC+Velocity Alumni. We leverage those connections and what they know to help applicants with application review. Click here for more information about the program and Y-Combinator application process!

Not considering applying? Are you sure?

Y-Combinator has a track record of helping companies reach their greatest aspiration, primarily via deep preparation for and exposure to very active investors via demo day (among other benefits). They accept ambitious companies that have a path/vision to $Bs and have a history of accepting companies pre-launch.If you’re on the edge, we strongly recommend you just do it. The opportunity cost of your time is worth it.

Address: Matrix Room at Velocity Incubator – 151 Charles Street W, Kitchener

Please bring your own lunch
Complete this form to attend, no further registration is required