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It’s a go. VFPC is virtual for Fall 2020

Velocity is built to support founders. The most important aspect of our comprehensive funding support for founders is VFPC. We transitioned to an investment format in March 2019, with the goal of providing more capital to founders. Right before the novel coronavirus pandemic, we launched the Velocity Health Tech Fund. This fund enables us to invest even more capital into health tech startups.

Velocity is proud to invest money in startups (with founder-friendly terms) through every VFPC investment round.

If you are interested in a pre-seed investment ($50K or $100K), you can apply for the Fall 2020 edition of VFPC today. All finalists will pitch virtually. We are looking to invest in four startups this round.

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The new VFPC format

Due to the pandemic, we will not be able to a large gathering for the VFPC anytime soon. As of June 2020, VFPC has been turned into a virtual event. While we sorely miss the infectious energy and the live conversations heard echoing across the Toronto-Waterloo corridor, the new format has widened our reach in terms of audiences and startups. Canadian startups from across North America applied. For the first time, we even had a finalist based in Quebec and an investment recipient based in Colorado.

We want to let Velocity founders speak directly. We only do this for them:

There’s also the massive exposure that VFPC provides, we got so many inbounds and people asking about investment after even our first time. It just brought a lot of eyeballs… [and us in front] of the Canadian tech ecosystem because of VFPC.

MedMe co-founders & VFPC investment recipient

Our new normal will not be normal. 

Apply to the next VFPC

We have officially opened the applications to the next VFPC. If you are running an early-stage startup that is looking for pre-seed investment and exposure, we encourage you to submit an application directly.

Applications will close on September 28, 2020.

We look forward to reviewing your big ideas and bold tractions. 

If you’re interested in keeping up with how we’ll up the ante for the next VFPC, please sign up for our newsletter. Follow us on social media. Please stay tuned for future updates.