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Springing into a Virtual Term

Whether you’re on coop or on an academic term, Spring 2020 will definitely be unique. You’re probably wondering what’s in store for you as you take on your first fully virtual academic or coop experience. Rest assured, the Concept team is here for you and more pumped than ever to provide you with the best virtual support you need on your entrepreneurial journey! Though our delivery methods may have changed, we will continue to fuel your entrepreneurial spirit the same way we always have!

So what can you expect this term? You can certainly look forward to some of your favourites such as Wednesday night Intro Sessions, and Working Sessions for those of you looking for a deeper dive into entrepreneurship. Our virtual coaching sessions with experienced entrepreneurs and of course, the Concept $5K Grant

The current reality has also allowed us to innovate and create some new and highly relevant entrepreneurship offering for the campus community. 

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The Pandemic Challenge

Concept has joined forces with our entrepreneurship partners: Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business, GreenHouse, Problem Lab, and the Centre for Peace Advancement and together we are launching the Pandemic Challenge! We invite students across disciplines to participate in this semester-long competition. The COVID-19 outbreak has not only completely turned our lives around and brought economies around the world to a standstill; it has also surfaced many of the inadequacies of our societies, our health systems and our general preparedness in addressing fast-spreading pandemics.

We’ve all been frustrated at the helplessness experienced during this time, so the Pandemic Challenge provides an opportunity to take action! Students: our community and the world needs you! Opt in to the Pandemic Challenge and we will help you turn your idea into an applied solution that can help us solve some of the problems brought to light and be better prepared for any future fast-spreading disease crisis.


We are also thrilled to partner with the Waterloo Professional Development Program (WatPD) team on the launch of eEDGE!  eEDGE combines University of Waterloo’s world-leading entrepreneurship and work-integrated learning programs to provide students with an exciting new experiential opportunity. What does this mean? Students working on a business idea during a term, can partner the experience with EDGE’s one-of-a kind work integrated curriculum and work towards getting an EDGE certificate! The eEDGE experience will help you gain valuable entrepreneurial skills and the EDGE certificate is a recognition of these enhanced skills that will help set up students for success after graduation. 

“The Concept/EDGE partnership represents an important evolution of the EDGE certificate and one that we’re really excited about.  We’re so pleased to be able to bring together Waterloo’s strength in entrepreneurship and work integrated learning to provide even more transformative learning experiences for our students.”

Anne Fannon, Director Waterloo Professional Development Program

Healthy Minds, Creative Concepts

In collaboration with our friends in Athletics, this term we introduce the Healthy Minds, Creative Concept series! Pressure and entrepreneurship go hand-in-hand and when paired with the high demands of an academic curriculum, the result can be costly for your health, time, energy, peace of mind, relationships, and life as a whole. While we strive to provide the best entrepreneurial resources to UWaterloo students, a healthy body and mind play a crucial role in the long term success of entrepreneurs. The Healthy Minds, Creative Concepts series will leverage the knowledge and expertise from our colleagues in Athletics and bring specialized workshops to our entrepreneurial students! 

We have lots of exciting things on the virtual horizon and plenty of ways to get involved! Stay in the know by connecting with us on social media and drop in for Coffee with Concept every Thursday at 1:00pm. We may not be physically together, but we are always one DM or Zoom link away! Stay healthy, stay connected and lets make the Spring 2020 term a uniquely wonderful virtual entrepreneurial experience!