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How to join our virtual VFPC event

On June 18, Velocity will host its first ever virtual Velocity Fund Pitch Competition (VVFPC). If you are reading this blog, chances are you will get something valuable by attending!

This time, we took the competition to a virtual stage because despite a tough economic climate, we continue to fuel the Canadian startup ecosystem by investing in high potential, scalable startups. Whether you are interested in investment opportunities in pre-seed startups or learning more about the latest in emerging technologies and innovation from Canadian entrepreneurs, we hope you will join the 10 finalists in less than a month from now.

There is up to $400,000 worth of pre-seed investment available at this event.

Strong signal of interest in VFPC

We believe that we may see some of the strongest startups that have ever emerged from the Velocity Fund Pitch Competition this June, as we have received the highest number of applications ever in the history of the competition. The number also represents a 40% increase over the last application cycle. 

Investing in startups

We are pleased to announce that we will offer an Investor Backstage Pass to angels and VCs who are looking to meet all of the finalists and do their due diligence in order to discover potential investment opportunities. For those who have worked with Velocity before, you can think of this as a more fluid, dynamic version of our one-on-one investor meetings!

Register here

Attending the event alongside the judges

While some virtual demo days require attendees to join a Zoom/Meet/Skype meeting and commit hours in front of their computers or smartphones, we have elected to showcase the 10 finalists on-demand. Furthermore, we’re creating new digital-first experiences that are dedicated to showcasing these promising, high potential startups. Our competition judges will experience this event alongside our audience on June 18 and they will be selecting the investees based on the potential of the startups and how well the founders can pitch their solutions virtually!

Save the date 

Don’t miss this! Please register here to be notified when we announce the finalists and release VVFPC to the world. Let’s find out which companies will gain an investment to fuel their goals and dreams!