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VFF $1K Pitch Night Social Finalists

On March 12 and 13 we had over 30 aspiring entrepreneurs put on a brave face and pitch to a live audience and panel of esteemed judges during Velocity Pitch Night Socials. The goal of the Pitch Nights was to give feedback on the art of pitching, the businesses idea and create an exciting way to determine which startups go on to the Velocity Fund Finals $1K. We’re proud to present the ten finalists:


Embla is creating a magnetically guided touchscreen interface for patients with Parkinson’s disease allowing them to easily use technology.

Focus ONCare

FocusONCare is connecting patients undergoing chemotherapy to their physicians through a chemo- tracker.


An online platform that allows you to choose items you need from a variety of stores and have them delivered to your home in two hours of less.


homA is helping you automate your home without needing an electrician. Yes, we want this, and yes, we are so excited for this kickstarter campaign to begin.

Helios Technology

Helios Technology is creating a way to integrate solar cells in the display of your smartphone so that it can be charged on the go and prolong the battery life.

NewAllergy Technologies

Allergy tests are uncomfortable and costly so NewAllergy Technologies is designing an innovative way to discover your allergies through a skin patch you put on do it yourself.

Nu-Tree Eatery

Everyone is different, so Nu-Tree Eatery is giving you a restaurant that gives you a personalized recommendation of what you should eat. The food is good and good for you.


Permacycle is incenting students to trade in their old electronics for fair trade items, and helping developing countries at the same time.


RapPad is an online platform that gives you tools to help you write rap lyrics and allows you to share with the RapPad community.


TactiveHive helps you unlock your true gaming potential.

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