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8 Finalists, 4 Winners, $100,000

Josh Bloom, Director of Sales at Facebook Canada, visited VeloCity to educate our students on the

This Wednesday, 8 of the University of Waterloo’s best student entrepreneurs will go head-to-head in the second termly VeloCity Venture Fund Competition. The top 4 teams will win $25,000, incorporation, office space and mentorship to fund their businesses.

Given only 5 minutes to pitch their product or service, the following teams must convince the judges that their ideas are worth funding.

  • Maluuba – a cross-platform natural language search engine
  • Computing Collective – distributing company offering low cost computing power
  • MappedIn – Google Maps for indoor places. A platform of detailed, editable maps
  • Retailoop – a price comparison service providing cashback rewards for every purchase made through the website
  • Peagames – a niche gaming platform for social, casual, entertaining multi-player games in a browser where people can meet, hang out or game
  • LeafNotes – a set of tools allowing students to learn more efficiently and effectively using notebook technology
  • Bookkite – an application allowing for groups to easily catalogue, organize, and search the books available to the group
  • – delivers personalized analytics report directly into your inbox

Judge the competition yourself at the VeloCity Venture Fund Finals, 3:00p.m. – 4:30p.m. DC Foyer, University of Waterloo.