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12 Tips to Better Your Sales Pitch

Josh Bloom, Director of Sales at Facebook Canada, visited VeloCity to educate our students on the essential steps behind delivering a good sales pitch.  Regardless of the circumstance – selling your product, your house, or even yourself – abiding by these 12 rules will ensure you’ve created a good pitch.

  • K.I.S.S. – Keep it simple, stupid. Keep your pitch as simple as possible so that your point doesn’t get lost in the finer details. Less is more.
  • Do your homework – It sounds like common sense, but make sure you know who you are talking to. Center your pitch around the individual – figure out what problem you’re solving, and how that problem relates to them.
  • Express friendly confidence – There is a big difference between ego and confidence.  Express confidence in your abilities and knowledge, but be careful not to go too far. Keep your tone low, confidence high, and be passionate.
  • Confirm time – Be sure to confirm the length of your meeting. This will ensure that you allot enough time to cover each vital point.
  • Break the ice – Gauge the personality of your client and respond accordingly. Overall, be friendly.
  • Build credibility – Do this quickly to erase or limit skepticism surrounding your product, but first and foremost, surrounding yourself.
  • Tell a story – It’ll help keep your pitch interesting, and your audience paying attention.
  • Connect brand with subject – Identify how it is exactly that your product or service h g-will help the potential client.  You need to create something that resonates with the individual client.
  • Modulate – Use intonation sparingly. Emphasize only the most important points.
  • Pause – After an important point, pause to let it sink in.
  • Summarize and get confirmation – Take 30 seconds at the end of your pitch to reinforce your message and confirm your audience’s understanding. Never walk away with a confused client.
  • Confirm next steps – Ensure that you have agreed upon a next step.