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Great jobs from scratch

Zero Work will teach you how to find the career you’ll love in a single weekend.

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Job hunting, but way better

This pair of weekend workshops – hosted entirely online for your convenience – is where you get the clarity you need; tools to reshape your resume into an impressive story, interview memorably, network without feeling like a fraud, and finally decide what path matters most to you.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a first-year or grad student. Zero Work will help you get the career you want.

“This gave me a no-fluff rundown of how to get started thinking about my career. It helped me a lot – I would recommend Zero Work to everyone.”

1B Alum
Student talking to Velocity ambassador at event

Clarity in a weekend

Zero Work gives you everything you need in just a single weekend, all online!

Saturday – How do you find a career you’ll love?

Figuring out your next step is often a foggy mess – no one has a good answer to “What do you want to do after you graduate?” Saturday is about solving that together and finding yourself more opportunities to thrive.

Sunday – How do you get the job you want?

Building off of what you discover on Saturday, Sunday is where you break down your resume, job hunting strategies, interviewing skills, and more to land the job you want. This gives you the tactics you need to succeed, and the next step you should take.

Zero Work opened my eyes to a lot of things that had me thinking “How have I gone my whole life without thinking of that?” “

Graduate Studies Alum

What do you get out of it?

The most powerful outcome that hundreds of Zero Work alumni talk about is the confidence and clarity gained.

They say Zero Work answered questions they’d had for years but never known how to tackle. They feel far more confident networking and in conversation, and are finally proud of their resumes. They’re excited about their futures, seeing more opportunities than ever. And they know exactly what their next step needs to be.

Plus, joining nets you dozens of deeply researched essays on how to be successful, freely available in the Zero Work library and written by UWaterloo students like you, along with a career fireside Q&A and permanent access to the alumni group.

There are so many resources offered and so many chances to ask real-life questions. The advice I got in return for 3 hours of my time gave me a great sense of direction for who knows how many years down the line in my career.”

2A Alum

Intensely useful

Every part of Zero Work is super interactive, stuffed to the brim with knowledge and all those soft skills university doesn’t teach, created so you can practice with peers immediately.*

*There’s never more than 10 minutes of lecturing at a time. Every cool idea is instantly used, and echoes as the program goes on.

This works.

Now on its sixth term and with over six hundred alumni, Zero Work is proven to give you clarity about what career you want and how to get it. Far from a stereotypical lecture on “how you’ll have a lucrative career if you just master these six steps” – it is an interactive meditation on what you want to do, and how you can start doing it.

If you don’t like it, it’s only a couple hours from a weekend!

But if it clicks with you as it has for your peers, Zero Work will transform your university experience.

“This wasn’t just job advice for me, this was life advice and something I will cherish and use for a long time.”

4A Alum on Zero Work