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PerkinElmer Customer Demonstration Lab

In April 2019, Velocity and PerkinElmer entered into a three-year, co-location agreement where $2 million worth of equipment is made available for Velocity startups.

Velocity acts as a dynamic environment for PerkinElmer to host their current and prospective customers. While the Velocity community gains access to the innovations and experts of PerkinElmer.

PerkinElmer is a $2.8 billion health care diagnostics, life sciences, and food and environmental testing giant.

PerkinElmer doesn’t take equity or intellectual property rights from projects developed in the lab, and PerkinElmer won’t have the right to IP from startups using the equipment.

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“In the last five years, Velocity has become a hub for those kinds of startups, whose products —which include medical devices, wearables and robotics—require long periods of research and development before being commercialized, and access to pricey equipment for testing.”

The Logic