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Current Companies

  • A-Line Orthopaedics

    A-Line is developing safer, faster and less invasive implants for minimally-invasive spine surgery that improve patient outcomes and surgeon confidence.

  • Able Innovations

    Able's autonomous technology allows for safe, efficient, and dignified patient transfers ushering a new era of efficiency and independence.

  • Agrisea

    Agrisea is the Ocean Agriculture company. Quite simply, we grow crops in the ocean.

  • Arylla

    Secure nano ink that combats fraud and improves top line revenue.

  • Audesse

    Aftermarket elimination of idling for public transit. We save fuel, maintenance costs, and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Avro Life Science

    Medicated stickers to deliver seasonal allergy medication to children.

  • Bajaar

    A platform for bazaars (local marketplaces) of emerging countries. BajaarApp helps buyers discover products, and merchants reach more customers easily.

  • Caribou

    A platform that connects people to the best support and treatment options globally.

  • DropLab

    DropLab is building a microfluidics platform for automating a variety of laboratory procedures.

  • Elucid Labs

    An AI-powered hand-held device capable of real-time detection of skin conditions, disease, and cancer.


    Helping employers improve retention, employee engagement and breaking corporate silos by curating/structured volunteer opportunities for employees.

  • Evercloak

    Our patented technology is an economical and energy efficient manufacturing process for continuous coating of single layer nanomaterials over large areas.

  • Glove Systems

    Modernizing Complex Fabrication. Glove Systems software uses advance 3D imaging algorithms to help pipe fitters do their job more easily and effectively.

  • Ground News

    Ground is the first AI-powered verified news platform.

  • H2nanO

    Harnessing solar energy to treat contaminated water quickly, effectively and at low cost.

  • Halion Displays

    Low-power outdoor visible display technology to enable the next generation of devices.

  • Hedgehog Medical

    Hedgehog Medical uses AI and computer vision to analyse ultrasound data to assist in quicker diagnosis and triage of patients.


    The world’s smallest, simplest and most affordable Atomic Force Microscope.

  • Joya Travel (Tugolo)

    Joya Travel enables authentic, unique, and culture-rich travel experiences.

  • Junip

    Simple & powerful review management for eCommerce brands.

  • Level

    A cloud-based collaboration platform to help residential contractors better manage communication with their co-workers and clients.

  • Life Sciences Key Technologies (LSK)

    LSK brings decentralized diagnostic capacity to the point of need, globally.

  • Maple Precision

    Maple Precision includes a team of engineers inspired by spatial data. Their product, EQUATOR, is mapping software that makes it easy for anyone to create custom, standout maps in minutes.

  • Membio

    Membio is developing the first truly scalable biological manufacturing platform.

  • NanoCnet

    Nanomaterials to enable the creation of flexible, transparent electrodes.

  • NanoQuan Inc.

    Manufactures advanced, high-performance nano composite materials.

  • OSIMple

    A mobile-first tool to assist bridge inspectors with their on-site inspections. (Also Known as BigBridge Technologies Inc.)

  • Ourotech

    Personalized cancer treatments through measuring drug resistance ex vivo.

  • Palitronica

    Palitronica provides cybersecurity and mission assurance for electronic control systems from part integrity to runtime protection.

  • Pulse Industrial

    Pulse Industrial creates sensors that enable a system-wide view of common valves in industrial plants to predict and alert failures.

  • Qidni Labs

    Artificial kidneys for patients with kidney failure.

  • Serenity Bioworks

    Medicine formulas that improve the safety and long-term effectiveness of anti-inflammatory medication.

  • Stacktronic

    A modular battery for industrial vehicles that connect like LEGO bricks to make battery packs of any shape, size, and capacity.


    SUPERVISA is a visa and immigration software that's making applications simple, affordable, and fast.

  • Telica

    Telica develops microbial products to promote plant health using microbiology, genomics, and artificial intelligence.

  • Theraphage

    A novel platform for the universal treatment of solid tumours that is targeted, resilient to resistance, and curative.

  • Trajekt Sports

    Trajekt Sports is revolutionizing athlete performance. Our baseball pitching robot can exactly replicate any pitch imaginable.

  • Watfly

    Watfly is working to fill the gap between surface transportation (these currently suck) and teleportation (is currently impossible) by enabling personal air travel.

  • Wolf and Grizzly

    Wolf and Grizzly uses advanced product design and manufacturing to build outdoor products that enable people everywhere to find adventure wherever they are. Backyard to backcountry.