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Current Companies

  • 1Mentor

    An AI platform that enables higher education and students to understand how the labour market is evolving and how to prepare for the future of work.

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  • Able Innovations

    Able's autonomous technology allows for safe, efficient, and dignified patient transfers ushering a new era of efficiency and independence.

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  • Adaptis

    We empower circularity in construction by automating and optimizing building adaptation and material reuse planning.

  • Agilicus

    Zero trust network access for any application, any user, any device, any artwork, any time. It is simple, secure, no VPN needed. No client, advanced security or cloud native.

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  • Agrisea

    Agrisea is the Ocean Agriculture company. Quite simply, we grow crops in the ocean.

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  • AIImSense

    To address the quick diagnosis of the brain stroke, AIImSense employs microwave imaging technology (MWT) to offer a fast, safe, and accessible detection method.

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    A textile company that converts food waste into a biodegradable textile that mimics the properties of polyester from one of the world’s largest landfill contributors.

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  • Arylla

    Secure nano ink that combats fraud and improves top line revenue.

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  • Bedda Travel (formerly Joya Travel)

    A booking solution platform to support authentic, unique, and locally run tourism and experience businesses.

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  • Brink Bionics

    The best neurotech gaming hardware to improve your reaction time.

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  • Caribou

    A platform that connects people to the best support and treatment options globally.

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  • Caro Meats

    Committed to building a better future through sustainable cellular agriculture by using tissue engineering-based techniques and tools to develop cultivated meat.

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  • Ceragen

    A biotechnology company focused on helping farmers increase their crop yields through plant microbiome engineering.

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  • Cobionix

    Cobi is a multi-sensing, intelligent, cobot that is capable of performing procedural tasks with 100% autonomy. Currently robotic injections.

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  • CodeGem

    Productivity, collaboration and engagement software for Engineering managers to track team metrics.

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  • Cubby Beds

    A smart bed sleep system for people with special needs.

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  • Dolphyn

    New code editor for data scientists with ML. Introducing a new document and powerful components to experiment faster. Build, collaborate and share data, models and APIs.

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  • Embryome

    Embryome is empowering future parents to understand and use data from themselves and their embryos to make decisions that are right for their family, before pregnancy.

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  • Epoch

    Epoch helps companies build stronger workplace culture by bringing people together. Through Epoch, people operations and HR teams can centralize and scale their internal events for global workforces while receiving data-driven insights and feedback.

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  • Equator (formerly Maple Precision)

    Use Equator to instantly unlock access to the best elevation data online. From prospecting to proposals, use Equator to start your best work today.

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  • ESGTree

    Builders of one of the most advanced ESG tracking and reporting technology platforms for private equity and venture capital globally. 

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  • Evercloak

    Our patented technology is an economical and energy efficient manufacturing process for continuous coating of single layer nanomaterials over large areas.

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  • Five1Nine

    Five1Nine incubates digital solutions that aim to make important moments in people’s lives easier to understand, have better outcomes and to provide peace of mind for them and their loved ones.

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  • Glove Systems

    Glove Systems software uses advanced 3D imaging algorithms to help pipefitters do their job more easily and effectively.

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  • Ground News

    Ground is the first AI-powered verified news platform.

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  • H2nanO

    Harnessing solar energy to treat contaminated water quickly, effectively and at low cost.

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  • Halion Displays

    Low-power outdoor visible display technology to enable the next generation of devices.

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  • HyIvy

    HyIvy makes a device for women to help with pelvic rehabilitation.

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    The world’s smallest, simplest and most affordable Atomic Force Microscope.

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  • Junip

    Simple and powerful review management for eCommerce brands.

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  • Level Software

    A cloud-based collaboration platform to help residential contractors better manage communication with their co-workers and clients.

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  • Liberum Bio

    We make benchtop protein synthesizers to speed up production of enzymes, therapeutics and lab reagents by ten times.

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  • Life Sciences Key Technologies (LSK)

    LSK brings decentralized diagnostic capacity to the point of need, globally.

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  • MedAtlas

    MedAtlas is a digital health startup making it super easy to find specialist clinicians from anywhere in Africa.

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  • MedMe Health

    Empowering pharmacists to deliver clinical services at scale.

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  • Mtion

    Twitch for interactive 3D video game streaming.

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  • NanoCnet

    Nanomaterials to enable the creation of flexible, transparent electrodes.

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  • Palitronica

    Palitronica provides cybersecurity and mission assurance for electronic control systems from part integrity to runtime protection.

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  • Phoenix

    Phoenix is an online, off-camera telehealth platform for men that handles everything from diagnosis to seamless delivery of medication.

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  • Pi and Power

    Non-invasive pathogen detection and identification.

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  • Pronti AI

    Pronti provides hyper personalized outfit suggestions from your closet and helps you buy and wear more consciously.

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  • Qidni Labs

    Artificial kidneys for patients with kidney failure.

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  • Ribbit

    Using self-flying airplanes to serve underserved regions of the world.

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  • Scispot

    Scispot offers no-code workflow automation to life science companies.

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  • Serenity Bioworks

    Medicine formulas that improve the safety and long-term effectiveness of anti-inflammatory medication.

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  • SuperVisas

    Supervisas is a visa and immigration software that's making applications simple, affordable, and fast.

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  • Sway

    Sway’s social commerce platform lets creators launch curated shops on their social media.

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  • TAMVOES Health Inc.

    An online health management platform that supports and stores the information of individuals, families and professional teams. 

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  • Tier 9 Studios

    Game development studio currently focused on building auto battles online.

  • Vessl Prosthetics

    Designers of a unique prosthetic socket for below knee amputees.

  • Vidar DB

    For enterprise users managing data in various scenarios who need to ingest and analyze data in different forms. We provide a one-size-fits-all database management system.

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