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A breakthrough treatment for stroke patients

A world first: tiny camera captures colour video from inside the brain

January 24, 2024

Physicians tasked with diagnosing stroke patients have a new tool in their arsenal thanks to an innovative treatment devised by Vena Medical, a company spun out of Velocity, the University of Waterloo’s start-up incubator.  

Using a tiny camera invented by Vena Medical that provides physicians with a real-time, full colour view of inside the brain’s blood vessels, doctors at The Ottawa Hospital were able to diagnose and treat a patient who was suffering from multiple strokes, a world’s first. The doctors were able to use Vena’s MicroAngioscope™ to not only pinpoint the cause of the stroke attack but also treat the patient in just one hour.

Dr. Fahed holding the microangioscope, which is a tiny camera.

“What our camera does is allow doctors to see exactly what’s going on inside a blood vessel, providing information they’ve never had before.” 

Michael Phillips, co-founder and CEO of Vena Medical.
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