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AI monitors patients to prevent post-op complications  

Velocity company FluidAI raises $15 million Series A

October 10, 2023

FluidAI’s mission to prevent postoperative complications has advanced with the company’s $15 million Series A funding.  

When the detection of post-surgical complications is delayed it can have serious consequences for patients’ health and can place burdens on the health care system. FluidAI has developed sensors and an artificial intelligence-driven algorithm that prompts surgeons to identify post-surgical complications.  

FluidAI (formerly NERv) was based out of Velocity for six years where the company had space and resources to grow from a budding idea to a flourishing startup. Its first commercially available product, the StreamTM Platform, a continuous, non-invasive post-operative monitoring system, was launched in August in Canada and Saudi Arabia.

Group photo of FluidAI founders Left: Amr Abdelgawad Middle: Youssef Helwa Right: Mohamed Okasha
Co-founder (L-R) Amr Abdelgawad, Youssef Helwa, Mohamed Okasha

FluidAI said the Series A funding underscores the industry’s pressing need for innovative solutions that can ensure patient safety, reduce hospital stays and cut down health care costs.  

“This funding not only validates our vision but also fuels our mission,” said Youssef Helwa, FluidAI CEO. “At FluidAI, our goal is to continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible in postoperative care, ensuring patients recover safely and quickly. With the trust and support of our investors, we’re poised to make a monumental impact on how data informs care decisions.”  

The funding was led by SOSV and Graphene Ventures with participation from Boutique Venture Partners, Threshold Impact, Cur8 Capital, Leva Capital, Kyto Technology & Life Science Inc., Juno Pharmaceuticals, and a number of angels, funds and government funding organizations.