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A fight against climate change is happening under water   

Coastal Carbon receives $1.6 million in funding to accelerate development of AI-driven seaweed biomass monitoring system 

September 29, 2023

Monitoring seaweed growth has the potential to accelerate regenerative seaweed farming and ocean restoration, and scale blue carbon initiatives, presenting important opportunities in the fight against climate change. 

To bring key data about what’s happening below the surface above water, Velocity company Coastal Carbon received $1.6 million in funding from Canada’s Ocean Supercluster (OSC) to undertake the AI-Driven Sensors for Seaweed Measurement Project.

Coastal Carbon co-founders Kelly Zheng and Thomas Storwick stand in front of podium.

In collaboration with seaweed farmer HoldFast NL, the AI-Driven Sensors for Seaweed Measurement Project, will enable Coastal Carbon to develop its small, non-intrusive sensors to remotely measure seaweed biomass and quantify that data using artificial intelligence.  

“The ocean is a huge resource to fight climate change, but crucial data is largely inaccessible,” says co-founder Thomas Storwick (BASc ‘19). “This project will advance our sensor and measuring technology and bring this important data from underwater, which stands to accelerate the regeneration of our oceans’ ecosystems and bring added confidence to stakeholders in the blue carbon credit market.” 

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