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Unstoppable innovation

Velocity companies reflect on starting and scaling their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic

When COVID-19 restrictions started rolling out in March 2020, workplaces were forced to quickly adapt from in-person operations to virtual.  

This meant big changes for Velocity and the companies operating out of the downtown Kitchener and University of Waterloo locations. 

Ribbit and 1Mentor are among the 88 companies that have joined Velocity since the start of the pandemic.  

Despite ramping up operations amidst pandemic restrictions, their drive to innovate and scale their business remained limitless.

Innovators forge ahead and succeed even in the midst of uncertainty, like the COVID-19 pandemic. And 1Mentor Co-Founder Veintimilla suggests it comes from an intrinsic place.

“As entrepreneurs we possess a natural inclination to navigate through uncertainty, constantly seeking silver linings and uncovering opportunities. While the pandemic undoubtedly brought about numerous challenges, I remained attuned to the positive aspects that propelled our progress — maybe I’m wired in that way.” 

Esteban Veintimilla

Originally published on Waterloo News. Read the full story here.