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Pronti AI boasts one million downloads, launches new version of app 

The Velocity software company relieves users’ decision-making fatigue and connects to retailers

Over the course of the past year, Pronti AI has celebrated many milestones and continues to go from strength to strength. 

Since joining Velocity in early 2022, the company has raised a pre-seed round, rebuilt the app to scale and onboarded full-time employees. And most recently it announced the app, which is free to download, has surpassed one million downloads. 

All this activity has garnered the attention of major retailers who see the potential of helping users decide what to wear. 

“Pronti is for the average person who wants to dress well but doesn’t know how to or doesn’t have the time. Humans only have the capacity for so many decisions in one day and we make our best ones in the morning. Many people feel overwhelmed putting an outfit together and guilt about what they have in their closet but don’t wear.”

Mila Banerjee, founder and CEO, Pronti AI

She said retailers are attracted because through Pronti they can target specific clothing items to users based on their profile, and by understanding user-specific purchasing trends they can produce better and send clothing to the right areas. 

“This really supports responsible consumption — one of the UN’s sustainability goals,” Mila said. “The shopping feature has launched on the app and our goal is to continue to increase the number of retailers.” 

A lightbulb moment for Mila and step towards founding Pronti AI happened while she was a business coach in the U.K. and one of her client’s identified getting dressed in the morning as a lengthy and distracting process. 

Headshot of Mila Banerjee
Mila Banerjee

“She was spending an hour and a half putting an outfit together, that’s time she needed to work on her craft, not to get dressed,” Mila said. “And market research has shown that it’s difficult for young men too — people are feeling overwhelmed in putting outfits together.” 

And it’s a feeling felt globally. 

“In addition to users from the USA and Canada, Pronti AI has users from around the globe in vastly different cultures from Germany to Latin America.” Mila said. “It’s a revolution in how we shop and dress.”