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Congratulations Winter 2022 Quantum Valley Investments® Problem Pitch Winners

Orange background image that says Quantum Valley Investments ® Problem Pitch Competition and shows the Aqua-Cell Energy and Maesos logos as the winners.

This semester The Problem Lab saw a group of six amazing finalists deliver their deep understanding of important commercial problems affecting a number of industries.

Teams had 5-minutes to deliver their research on the commercial problem they identified, followed by 10-minutes of Q&A with a panel of judges. The judges selected winners that were best able to demonstrate they had the most thorough analysis of the problem. Two teams emerging as the top picks from the judges. Each of the two winners will now have access to $7,500 in R&D funding to finance the development of a solution to the problems they presented.

Congratulations to the winners Aqua-Cell Energy and Maesos and all the finalists in this semester’s Quantum Valley Investments®Problem Pitch competition.