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Who Will Win? Meet the Winter 2022 Concept $5K Finalists!

As you may already know, each term Concept rounds up some of the most innovative students at the University of Waterloo to pitch their early startup ideas for a chance to win 1 of 4 prize funds of $5,000.

This term, 22 teams worked hard to tweak their pitches and refine their ideas to pitch at the semi-finals on March 16th 2022 and March 17th 2022. Our panel of judges consisted of: Mila Banerjee, Business Advisor at Velocity, Shoma Sinha, Concept Coach and Moazam Khan, Business Advisor at Velocity. After each team presented their 3-minute pitch, the judges got a 2-minute Q&A session with them. Beyond the Q&A, they also provided valuable feedback and advice for all the teams. From everyone at Concept and all the students involved, thank you, judges!

The judges deliberated in private and selected 8 prestigious teams to move on to the Concept $5k Finals. Presenting to you our finalists!

The Winter 2022 Concept $5k Finalists

Aura Air

Aura is democratizing access to air-quality data, using cutting edge AI and sensor technology to give people personalized, hyperlocal, and predictive air-quality information.

Cauchy Analytics

A real-time, non-invasive, continuous monitoring system for cardiac hemodynamics in hospital intensive care units.


A passive walking and exercising support exoskeleton system for people with incomplete paraplegic spinal cord injury(SCI), that is affordable and accessible.


Formify builds a perfectly fitted gaming mouse based on a picture of the user’s hand.

Herma Print

Mission is to lower the barrier to entry for high speed FDM 3D printing for companies leveraging the technology for rapid prototyping in product development and micro-factory manufacturers.

Moonlight Haptics

A wearable haptic device mimicking vision through the sense of touch to allow for independent and safe mobility for individuals with visual impairment, wherever they want, whenever they want.


System for monitoring and controlling high temperature manufacturing processes such as metal 3D printing and welding.


Tulay is a virtual insurance brokerage dedicated to helping international students understand health insurance in Canada and connecting them to the right insurance coverage that suits their unique needs.

Now that you know who our finalists are, be sure to join us in the virtual audience of the Winter 2022 Concept $5K Finals on March 31st 2022. Did we mention that by attending you will have the opportunity to win some awesome audience prizes including Concept prize packs!? 

Until the finals, you can scratch your pitch itch by checking out our list of previous Concept $5K champions and watch their winning pitches. See you on March 31st.