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Ten Velocity companies were listed in the Top 100 Tech Companies to Watch for in 2022

Photo courtesy of MedMe. Founders pictured from left to right: Nicholas Hui, Purya Sarmadi, Rui Su

Velocity companies were heavily featured in the Top 100 Tech Companies to Watch for in 2022 report from FoundersBeta.

Able Innovations

Able Innovations is solving the painful and labor intensive process of patient transfers by developing robotic technology that enables effortless, single caregiver, safe and dignified transfers. This is especially important in today’s context where facilities are battling with staff shortages- and their technology allows staff to do more with less. Their ALTA Platform, is capable of automated transfers of supine individuals who need to be moved laterally (ex. Bed to stretcher, imaging table) in healthcare facilities. They have seen immense traction as of late and as a result are looking to connect with parties who could participate in their upcoming Series A round. Able’s long term goal is to develop technology that will conduct all types of transfers (including beds, wheelchairs) enabling individuals ability to choose where they age- transforming how and where individuals spend their golden years.

“Through Velocity, Able was able to grow its network of advisors, mentors as well as the extended network of aligned investors and commercial partners,” noted Jayiesh Singh, CEO of Able Innovations. “The high quality of the Velocity network has aided Able substantially in its journey thus far.”


MedMe’s mission is to build an all-in-one cloud-based platform that empowers pharmacists to schedule, document, and manage clinical services at scale. MedMe’s clients include the 2 largest pharmacy chains in Canada, servicing 3000+ pharmacies, and powering over ~14M patient services, including playing a critical role across the country throughout the pandemic. MedMe’s ultimate vision is to transform pharmacies from today’s dispensing locations to tomorrow’s health hubs. 

MedMe has raised over $3.7M USD to date including from M12 (Microsoft’s Venture Fund), MaRS IAF, and Y-Combinator. MedMe is currently incubated at Velocity.

“We are so grateful for the support, insight, and learning that the Velocity ecosystem has given us,” noted Purya Sarmadi, Co-Founder and CEO of MedMe. “From the early days of our journey, Velocity helped us really hone in our value proposition and ignore vanity metrics, focusing on what’s most important for an early-stage company. We’re constantly inspired and excited to grow alongside the incredible founders in this community building innovative solutions for some of the toughest problems.”


ProNavigator is powering insurance teams with instant information. Sage by ProNavigator is the all-in-one knowledge management platform purpose-built for insurance. More than 125 insurance businesses including some of the largest insurance organizations in North America trust Sage to save time, provide superior service, and seize revenue opportunities. The platform leverages the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and natural language understanding to instantly, automatically, and accurately retrieve information to employees’ questions. ProNavigator is hiring: Visit their careers page.

“The Velocity incubator program supports and creates an environment for like-minded entrepreneurs to grow and scale,” said Joseph D’Souza, founder and CEO of ProNavigator. “I highly recommend it to Canadian Entrepreneurs looking to found their own business with a view of building a global company.”


Technology is disrupting society, creating a fast-paced, ever-changing world. As a result, preparing students with the right skills, tools, and knowledge is even more challenging each year. 1Mentor is an AI-powered platform that enables higher education and students to understand how the labour market is evolving and to receive personalized recommendations to prepare for the future of work.

“Velocity’s mentorship has been the foundation for our early success. Mila Banerjee’s guidance and that of John Dick and other mentors, from customer discovery to raising capital, have played a key role in getting us to where we are now” noted Esteban Veintimilla, Co-Founder of 1Mentor. “We have closed our pre-seed round, and we have traction with universities in the USA and Canada, building a product that colleges and universities need and want.”


Agilicus is shaping the future of work by transforming the way modern workforces connect to corporate resources. With a foundation in Zero Trust, Agilicus is a more secure alternative to VPNs and perimeter-based network access. Agilicus’ cloud-native solution empowers organizations of all types and sizes, to quickly and seamlessly expand the reach of company resources without compromising security. Today’s mobile users, employees, frontline workers, contractors, and partners can be equipped with the secure remote access that was previously unattainable. Agilicus’ novel Zero Trust Network Access platform empowers any organization to provide single sign-on, with existing credentials, to any resource, using any device, without a VPN or client, simply, securely, and economically.

“We are grateful to Velocity and their support of the University of Waterloo ecosystem,” noted Angelo Compagnoni, Chief Strategy Officer at Agilicus. “Start-ups and emerging companies have a supportive community to draw on for expertise. As well as the ability to connect and grow with like minded individuals achieving similar goals.”

Also included were:


MappedIn provides industry leading tools for property owners and operators to manage their dynamic indoor maps and build digital wayfinding experiences into their customer-facing applications. Founded in 2011, Mappedin is headquartered in Waterloo, Canada. Their clients can be found in 43 countries around the world and manage over 755 million square feet of indoor space within the Mappedin platform.


GooseChase is an online platform that helps you run real-world scavenger hunts. The idea for GooseChase originated in 2011 at a hackathon in Waterloo, Canada.

Adaptive Pulse

Adaptive Pulse predicts and identifies at-risk and expansion customers for B2B SaaS companies. Using advances in NLP and predictive analytics, we analyze internal and external data sources including structured and unstructured data to provide a unified view of the customer, who is most at-risk, like to expand, why and recommend how to successfully convert them. Since their time at Velocity, they’ve grown to a team of 15, serve customers internationally, and oversubscribed their pre-seed round.


IntelliCulture provides equipment management software for farms. IntelliCulture installs their plug and play device into farm machinery to then provide insights into spray coverage, equipment health and labor management.


LabsCubed is enabling companies to create new and innovative materials through enhanced testing methods.