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Announcing our 10 finalists and the next virtual VFPC event

Editor’s note: You can watch our second virtual VFPC on-demand now. (Nov 5, 2020)

Four months ago, Velocity held its first ever virtual VFPC. Smart beds for special needs, an app for pharmacists to provide more personalized care, the next generation of seamless and contactless patient transfers – these are some of the amazing companies that came out of the last event, and we are just getting started.

On November 5, we will host the second virtual VFPC. If you are interested in experiencing the event, please sign up for our newsletter and get notified when it premieres!

We have received a record number of applications for this round, and we look forward to showcasing the following exciting early-stage companies vying for investment (in alphabetical order): 

Once again, we will be fuelling the Canadian startup ecosystem by investing in high potential, scalable startups. If you are interested in investment opportunities or learning more about the latest emerging technologies from these Canadian companies, we hope you tune in to see the 10 finalists pitch.