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Congratulations to the North team

Velocity alumnus North has been a pioneer in human-computer interfaces since it secured its first funding by way of a Velocity Fund grant in 2012. Today, we are excited for the team and the tremendous outcome they have had through their acquisition by Google. From the entire Velocity family, we wanted to say congratulations!

North’s first product, the MYO armband, was a revolutionary brain-computer interface device that used electromyography to capture a user’s intent with their hand by measuring electrical impulses in their forearm. When productized, the armband enabled users to manipulate both digital and physical objects in entirely new ways. North’s intellectual property was acquired by CTRL-Labs, who was later acquired by Facebook’s Oculus division.

North’s second product, Focals, was a tremendous leap forward for the entire consumer smart glasses market. By combining the visual, processing, and power systems of traditional smart glasses with the everyday form factor of traditional glasses, North created a window into the future of computing, and people noticed:

North was led by three incredible, former Velocity founders, and they have shown us how Velocity teams regularly hit above their weight class. Again, congratulations to the entire North team!