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Canada’s First Free Roam Virtual Reality Experience Centre Opens in Downtown Kitchener

To many people, virtual reality (VR) seems as elusive as flying cars or 3D-printed food; but one startup has made VR more fun, realistic, and accessible than ever before, opening a new VR centre in Kitchener.

Mirage VR has created the first full body, free roam multiplayer VR experience of its kind in Canada. Up to four people can simultaneously play in two original immersive quests and interact with each other, differing from other VR experiences in three keys ways: mobility, interaction, and control.

In most VR experiences, the user is tethered to equipment and separated from their peers, creating a more isolating and immobile experience. In contrast, Mirage VR has each player carry a lightweight computer on their back, allowing them to move freely through the space – both physically and virtually. With the addition of hand and foot sensors, the players can control the experience with their own body movements rather than with a device. Anything done physically is also simulated in VR; with players able to high five, talk to each other, and strategize battling monsters together.

Co-founder of Mirage VR, Chuang Li, says their ultimate goal is to make VR as connective as possible.

“The most important part is that it is a social experience. We believe that VR as a technology is supposed to bring people together; it is not supposed to be isolating.”

Mirage VR just opened their flagship location at 283 Duke St W, #211 in downtown Kitchener, and aims to appeal to both gamers and non-gamers alike. Prior to getting their new space, the Mirage VR team worked out of the Velocity Garage startup incubator and compared the working environment there to a VR experience, noting “Building a startup can be very lonely. Having the Velocity community surrounding you makes the experience much more enjoyable.”

Anyone interested in trying out the Mirage VR experience is invited to attend their Grand Opening on Friday, October 27th. Book now to try a unique VR experience and use the code VELOCITY to receive a $5 discount per player.