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Presenting the 10 Finalists for the VFF $25K

The VeloCity Fund Finals have been revamped and overhauled this term.  We have kept you hanging on the edge of your seat for most of it; now, the moment you have all been waiting for has finally arrived!  Drum roll please…VeloCity would like to introduce you to the ten finalists competing at the Velocity Fund Finals $25K on November 28th!


GamePress lets users create fun mobile games without any programming experience and share them with users around the world.


Light-bot is getting today’s generation of kids hooked on Computer Science by playing games.


MetricWire accelerates groundbreaking research by enabling academic researchers to easily collect rich scientific data via smartphones.


PiinPoint uses machine learning to identify optimal new store locations while centralizing demographic, real estate, traffic, and municipal data.

Realtime Labs Inc. 

Realtime Labs Inc. develops real-time audience feedback technology for a variety of industries including education and entertainment.

Sesame IO

Sesame IO helps teachers make the learning process visible by capturing student work and feedback into personal portfolios and connecting them to lessons.


An online marketplace to connect performers with event planners.


Defensible Product Decisions. All Customer Feedback. One Simple Solution. Let your Product Managers do what they do best.


uMentioned is a college-based location app that lets you anonymously flirt and make new friends with people nearby.

Velatron Labs Inc.

A personalized tailor app that helps you find or order perfect fitting clothes online.

Beginning on Thursday, VeloCity will do an individual look into each of the ten teams and the problems they are looking to solve. These teams have survived the interview stage of the VFF process, but have an abundance of work ahead of them before they pitch for $25K at the SLC. Come see it live! Register for the audience HERE. Good luck to all of the teams and congratulations on your achievement!