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Introducing our VeloCity Venture Fund Finalists!

Congratulations to this year’s VeloCity Venture Fund Finalists!

The finalists have been through the application and interview process and are now moving forward to the VeloCity Venture Fund Finals taking place on July 25th.

Here’s a little bit about each of the teams that will be competing for one of four prizes of $25,000 and a coveted place in the VeloCity Garage.

In alphabetical order, please meet our finalists…

Blacktree Health

Blacktree is building the ultimate health monitor: a sleek wristband that monitors your stress, exercise, diet & sleep.


GoPexo is an online collaborative trip planer, which makes it easy for groups of people to figure out the logistics of their trip.


Kite gives developers a simple and frictionless way to build and launch web apps.


LibertyBit has created an online currency exchange to substantially reduce credit card transaction fees for money transfers.


Planleaf has created project management via email


REDRO is a social mobile ordering platform that provides restaurants with tools to effectively utilize social networks and mobile technologies to encourage customers to discover and eat at their establishment.

Sesame IO

Sesame IO is a centralized web platform that streamlines K-12 teachers workflow from planning and assessment to sharing and curriculum tracking to improve personalized learning and school effectiveness.


SoundBrush is building simple, new ways for people to create music


Tessoll consolidates and simplifies one of the biggest use cases for mobile devices: email.


Wriber makes it easy to create written content by providing suggestions alongside your document as you type.