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VeloCity Venture Fund & Demo Day Winter 2013 Winner!

On March 26th, 2013, the day began at 11am with Demo Day. 10 startups who qualified through pitch nights for Demo Day pitched for one of three awards of $1,000.

uIntuition walked away with the People’s Choice Award! Through uIntuition, students can build their resumes or portfolios, pursue their passions, network, and earn money simultaneously while working according to their schedules. Most innovative went to Second Screen, IMDB for the real-time, mobile world, and Best Pitch was awarded to Purchext, a digital wallet service that allows you to control your dependents spending while enabling them to securely access your credit card.

Two proud winners took home a Fatboy, one given away randomly to the first 100 people to tweet using our hashtag #uwDemoDay, and one drawn from ballots that guessed the People’s Choice winner correctly!

Everyone sat down to eat a quick lunch, and at 12:30, VeloCity Venture Fund began! The stakes were high for ten startups pitching for one of four awards of $25,000, as well as access to a space in the garage, mentorship, and a vast network of entrepreneurs.

Blacktree Health, CircIt, DraftingSPACE, Flow, iCanWalkNow, Lumotune, Marmot Labs, PostBeyond, Tripzaar, and uMentioned captivated the audience with some fantastic pitches!

Our winners for VeloCity Venture Fund Winter 2013 are CircIt, DraftingSPACE, Lumotune, and Tripzaar!

The CircIt printer enables low-cost circuit boards to be prototyped within minutes, eliminating the frustrations with the traditional circuit board fabrication process – it’s as easy as printing a picture at home.

DraftingSPACE connects homeowners who are looking to renovate with freelance designers through an open competition platform.

Lumotune produces flexible, transparent displays that consume very little power and can be used for small to large-scale applications.

Tripzaar is an online marketplace for trips planned and organized by locals.

Ten startups pitched in total: Carted, CubicWork, Kalindar, LokeUs, Purchext, re:me, SecondScreen, uIntuition, Unhold, and GroupEffect. What a great lineup!

Two more lucky audience members took home Fatboys, on for being one of the first 100 to tweet with the hashtag #uwVVF, and one for guessing the four winning teams correctly!

Congratulations to the fantastic startups who pitched at our first combined VeloCity Venture Fund & Demo Day! Well done!