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Want a great job, but don’t know how to start?

Zero Work will kickstart your career in a single weekend.

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Job hunting, but way better

Deciding how to spend your life isn’t easy. But job hunting shouldn’t be so lonely, confusing, and exhausting. Zero Work is where you’ll find the allies, guidance, and motivation to succeed.

You’ll get the tools to reshape your resume into an impressive story, interview memorably, network without feeling like a fraud, and finally decide what career path matters most to you. No prior experience required!

Join us in Zero Work to begin getting the career you want.

“This is what I wanted. It helped me a lot and I would recommend Zero Work to everyone.”

1B Alum on Zero Work

One week gives you everything

Zero Work gives you everything you need to start building career success in just a single weekend!

May 28th, 4pm-7pm EST

Saturday – How do you build a career you’ll love?

Figuring out your career is often a foggy mess – no one has a good answer to “What do you want to do after you graduate?” Today is about solving that.

You’ll discover what matters to you through guided self-reflection and ideation, design real career directions you can act on immediately, network with confidence, find hidden opportunities for success, learn to avoid burnout, and find out how to remember everything as you plot your path towards your impact.

Get the clarity you need to build your best career in this deeply insightful and inspiring three-hour workshop.

“I recently started feeling “Day one of Zero Work opened my eyes to a lot of things that had me thinking “How have I gone my whole life without thinking of that?”like I’m too behind to catch up or that I’m not cut out to do amazing things, but this program and environment have helped change my perspective.”

Graduate Studies Alum on Zero Work

Beyond the workshops

Get detailed guides on how to learn, work, and live better, freely available to Zero Work participants and written by UWaterloo students like you. These include incredibly in-depth guides to building a resume and cover letter, tips for maximizing your Waterloo experience, and techniques learn faster on the job.

As another perk of joining Zero Work, you’ll be invited to join the exclusive Ground Zero alumni group; a place to keep asking questions, endless access to Zero Work content, and hundreds of motivated peers to network with!

No matter where you come from, or where you’re going,
Zero Work will transform your university experience in just a single weekend.

“Zero Work is a few hours over the weekend resulting in skills that’ll be useful for life.”

3A Alum on Zero Work

Join us this term!

Apply by Sept. 20