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Discover, Build, Scale

The Velocity incubator program is divided into three stages: Discover, Build, and Scale.

Guided by the Velocity Business Advisors, these stages help founders manage the successes and failures that often occur as you grow a startup. Founders become Velocity alumni when they successfully launch from the program. Many of them scaling with revenues, customers, and strong backings from angels and VCs.


Stage 1

At this stage, it’s our job to ensure you will build something that people want to buy. This means lots of customer development and product strategy planning.


Stage 2

After successful completion of Stage 1, you will be well-equipped to focus on building products and/or attracting investments. At this stage, your startups is optimizing a path to market.


Stage 3

With significant product and/or technology progress since Stage 2, you will likely be on a path to independence. The goal at this stage is to scale and prepare to launch from Velocity.

Continued support & engagement as Velocity alumni

It’s not over once you’ve launched your startup from Velocity. Alumni continue to benefit from being part of the Velocity network.

While the formal program ends for most founders after Stage 3, the Velocity team is happy to continue supporting founders.

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