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Velocity's next era is marked by a new partnership between the City of Kitchener and the University of Waterloo:

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Enter the AI market confidently.

Velocity x Scale AI. Building momentum for AI startups.

AI-focused program

Velocity and Scale AI have proudly partnered up to provide focused mentorship and unique support to early-stage AI startups. Scale AI is a Canadian supercluster with the mandate to boost productivity across industries by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) in industry supply chains.

AI-specific mentorship

Work directly with an advisor focused on your AI business needs

$10K in non-dilutive investment

Get a head start on commercializing your idea

Learn from your peers

Gain business insights from both AI and non-AI startups

To access AI-focused support, startups need to apply and be accepted to our Stage 1 incubator program.

Additional qualifications

Startups aiming to participate in the AI-focused program must also be:

a) based and operating in Canada 
b) focused on applied AI and intelligent supply chain products and/or services
c) less than two years old, or employ fewer than 500 globally (including its affiliates), or has had an average annualized revenue growth rate of greater than 20%  over the past three years

Upon successful completion, eligible startups will receive continued support from Velocity and Scale AI, an invitation to Velocity’s Stage 2 program, and $10K in non-dilutive investment to help them commercialize their solution.

Apply to Stage 1