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Founders found here.

We look forward to reviewing your application and interviewing you.

What we look for

We accept founders from around the world who meet the following criteria:

  • Interest in or demonstrated progress in building a scalable technology company 
  • Commitment to learning about and taking responsibility for challenging systemic oppression in innovation communities
  • Ability to operate their business from Velocity incubator for startup incubation during later stages*
  • Willingness to engage and contribute to the Velocity community

*If you wish to participate in the Velocity incubator program but are unable to operate your business directly from Velocity, please be sure to provide your business rationale in your application.

IMPORTANT: You do not have to be affiliated with the University of Waterloo in order to apply. 

Velocity Incubator applications are now open!

Apply to Incubator

Application process

What to expect

Once you complete the Velocity incubator application form, you may be invited to participate in a screening interview. Teams are interviewed on a rolling basis. 

If chosen to join Velocity, you will receive an email notifying you of acceptance and next steps. 

If you applied but didn’t get in, we encourage you to apply again in subsequent months. We recognize that ideas and projects can develop substantially over time.

Still wondering if Velocity is right for you? Check out what our former Director of Velocity Incubator has to say.

Application & interview tips

Tip 01

Keep your application simple and concise (e.g., bullet points).

Tip 02

Don’t overwhelm us with the complexity of your tech or product.

Tip 03

Not having all the answers is okay. (If you had all the answers, you wouldn’t need us!)

Tip 04

Some traction is great. Remember that our program requires you to discover whether you’re making something people want to buy.

Tip 05

Don’t wait. Go after it and find your path today.