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Apply | Cornerstone

Build your business plan through customer discovery and validation

Deadline to apply is October 2

Cornerstone is the culmination of the student entrepreneurial process. Test your business ideas by finding and speaking directly with customers. Validate your business plan and gain firsthand knowledge of your target market while joining a network of founders to share knowledge and resources. 

Program Overview

Cornerstone will take participants through a term long journey and provide extensive guidance to help with customer discovery and validation. The program will include:

Founder Roundtables  

Conversational weekly sessions with fellow founders and coaches to share stories and learn from their mistakes. Sometimes the best advice comes from a team that is six months ahead of you and these meetings will help create a network where successes (and failures) can be shared and supported. 

Guest Speakers  

Specialists and experts will give talks on important topics throughout the term such as how to reach customers, considerations when raising funding, and how to protect IP will be covered.  


Teams will be expected to meet with Velocity coaches regularly. They will help you set goals and keep you on track. Unlike casual Velocity coaching sessions, you will be held to a higher standard and they will ask the question, are you prepared to start your career in entrepreneurship? 

Cornerstone Demo Day 

At the end of the term, a virtual Demo Day will take place where teams deemed ready to pitch to an audience of investors and incubators will do so and invite those interested parties to have further discussions afterwards. 

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